Sunday Update

From the depths

I have returned! My cultists finally got the right ritual to sustain me in the mortal realm (it involves a good offering of spiced rum). Despite being pulled back to the dimension of chronic pain and illness repeatedly, the stars are finally aligned for me to stay. Which is great as I have so much going on.

Secret Project – I’ve been writing and wrangling 10 other authors for a very fun and spooky project. Everyone has been exceptional and it is really coming on. All is not as it seems in the witch-haunted town of Willowdale….

Camp NaNoWriMo – I am trying to write a novel! It is actually a prequel to a book I started years ago. Queer Lovecraftian dark comedy horror. Hopefully I’ll manifest a first draft from this. Just need to hit the keyboard more.

Letterboxd – I finally finished logging every single horror film I have ever watched on Letterboxd. Over 700 and still watching more. If you are interested in my lists, log or reviews then please find me here –

Reading – I got my sticky little tentacles on some wonderful books recently. Finding time to read is an issue but these books look very worth it. I already started Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt and Spiffing by Tim Mendees.

Unless I have a review to post or a book/story coming out then I will update again next Sunday. It is good to be back again. Take care out there.


All change

No real update this week due to Covid-19.
We’re safe, but working the day job from home and isolating for the next 12 weeks as my partner is vulnerable due to diabetes. Isolation is also a bit of an issue for me as I had a serious illness a while ago that forced me to be housebound for nearly a year. My mental health suffered a lot during that time due to both losing my independence and all the sickness/pain. So, as you can imagine, it is all a bit triggering right now and I just can’t write.
I’ll do a proper update when things have settled a bit, so hopefully at some point this coming week. Thank you for understanding and stay safe.
Sunday Update, Updates

Author week

I had been using this week off of my day job to see if I could author full time. The good news is that I think, yes, I could. However, that is because I learnt a few hard lessons this week.

1: I was actually pretty burnt out from my day job and full time working as an author was just not possible. So, I didn’t get as much done as I hoped, but I did get the rest I needed.

2: I seriously need a better schedule rather than just the deadlines of when submissions are due.

3: 10:20am is a strange and evil time. That is exactly when distraction and procrastination would kick in. Which would be fine if it lasted 20 mins and I just took a break. But no, it often went on till after lunch. This doesn’t happen in my day job and I still have no idea how to sort it out.

All in all it was a goods learning experience.

Sunday Update

Living the author life

I’ve been so busy this week with my day job because as of tomorrow, I have a week off. This week I plan to live the full-time author life. I want to know if I can actually do it. I need to see how much I can write, if I can prioritise my time and if I can beat my procrastination into submission. Hopefully a whole week of writing will really add to my story bank. Plus, it will give me time to learn about the business side of things too.

So, I should be updating more this week with how it goes.

Sunday Update

Life lessons

Learning is so important. Being an author is not just about writing stories but also about running a business. So that is what I have been doing this week. Researching what I need to do to get all the tax and legal stuff correct and how much it is going to cost. Not quite as exciting as writing about eldritch horrors but almost as mind boggling.

The rest of this week has been filled with reading and watching horror. I really should review some of the films I watch. Would you read that? Also being annoyed that Color out of Space, much like Underwater, is not playing anywhere in the UK it seems. Certainly nowhere near me. I really want to watch both of those. But I’m going to see the Invisible Man this week. Might inspire me in my writing.

Sunday Update, Updates

A win

I won Eerie River’s February writing competition. The theme was witches and horror. My story, A Friend in Need, will be featured as Patreon exclusive content and then in their ‘Best of’ anthology next year. I was ecstatic when I found out I had won.

Going forward there is so much to write for and although I am back to drabbles it can still be a lot for a chronically ill person working full time (I need to write at least eight 100 words, and four 600 words). But I am sure my love of stories will call back my monstrous muse and we will conquer this mountain.

In other news, I have been designing an author logo. I use the Funko Cthulhu plush as my icon on social media but as I don’t own his design I thought it was about time to design my own proper logo. I hope to finish it next weekend so will hopefully be able to share it with you then. Unsurprisingly, it has tentacles 😛

And I am also now plotting out a poetry book (or 3). Got a little plan about subject matter and I am going to take it slowly and see how it goes.

Sunday Update

Something new

So this week has been for new things. Firstly, I have written some poetry. Murder poetry. I don’t usually write poetry as I prefer first person prose. But I was inspired by a friend last year to draft something and then just had the inspiration now to flesh it out and actually do something with it. Poetry is strange and I have no idea if it is any good or not.

Secondly, I am writing without editing. Usually I edit as I go but I am trying a different method. This one involves writing it out as a first draft and then revising it when complete. I am not sure how well this will work for me but we shall see. I have limited time at the moment and am hoping this helps to defeat the procrastination I often fall into when editing during. So far all it is doing is causing weird mild anxiety. But we shall see if it pays off when I am done.

This coming week I hope to get a lot more writing done as there are 2 deadlines approaching.

Sunday Update

Love is in the air

This week I have been working on romance stories. It counts as a romance as long as someone is in love, right? Or something?

Ok, correction; this week I have been working on stories about demons enamored with mortals. And no, not big red horny demons or even kinky tentacle demons. More, emotional energy sucking parasite creatures that crawl into your soul with promises and corrupt you from the inside so they can feed. It’s romance from the demons p.o.v. at least.

Unfortunately, I haven’t actually had much time to write this week due to illness and an unexpected hospital visit. But I am ok now mostly. I can’t believe that January is nearly over already. Got to try and make this last week count.

I’ve also started reading Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe by Thomas Ligotti. Review up next weekend.


So much choice

Having spent the last few days updating the graphics and visuals for my various media sites, it is nice to get back to actually writing a story. There is so much to write for at the moment that I feel like a shoggoth at a cultist social 😋
I’ve also had another acceptance which I can’t talk about until I have the contract and the publisher tells me so. But that was great news to wake up to 🖤

But I can talk about the 5 Lovecraftian mythos drabbles I have in this awesome collection about forgotten Gods;

forgotten ones 2