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Welcome. I am author K.T. Tate and I write in the genres of horror (supernatural, occult, sci-fi and cosmic) and speculative fiction (weird fiction and twisted folktales). If that is what you like to read then please check out my books below. Most are either short story or drabble (100 word stories) anthologies shared with many other talented authors.

Previous publications: 2020, 2019


ReignReign: A dark fantasy anthology by Black Hare Press;

In exactly 500 words, these authors regale us with tales of dark fantasy kingdoms, powerful magic, mayhem, goblins and royal revenge.
y Story:
♦ Sleeping Beauty
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13drops13 Drops of Blood by Black Hare Press;

Thirteen authors tell dark, disturbing, and creepy tales of supernatural love gone wrong and revenge from beyond the grave.
y Story:
Silas: Together Forever.  Resurrected from the pit, Silas uses his newfound demonic abilities to track down his soulmate and bind them together forever.
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Dark MagicDark Magic by Eerie River Publishing;

Enter a world of curses and creatures, the hideous and the hexed, where love is cruel and victory is tainted
y Stories:

♦ Flesh of my flesh
♦ Tree of knowledge
♦ Fountain of youth
♦ Cheques and balances
♦ Forbidden Fruit
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Forbidden Dream recoverForbidden Dreams by Emerald Bay Books;

Open the door to forbidden knowledge and peer into the mouth of madness itself in this new collection of cosmic horror from over twenty award winning authors. Discover the dangers of latent memories. The burden of insanity that comes with truth.
My Story:
♦ Fulfilled
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Midnight ShadowsMidnight Shadows by Eerie River publishing;

What horrors lurk in the Midnight Shadows?
From body horror, to vengeful witches, to bizarre carnivals, these 24 tales of the horrific and strange are sure to entertain.
My story is one of a witch and the disturbing, horrific measures she’ll go to to help a friend.
My Story:
♦ A friend in need
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Zero HourZero Hour 2113 by Black Hare Press;

An interlinked cyberpunk anthology. London 2113 is a powder keg. There are riots in the streets, illegal augmentation blooms, the brotherhood of the flesh fight the children of the bionic god, whilst mega-corporation, AdTechnika, watches over all.
y Story:

♦ Zero Hour (plus artwork)
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Coming soon

Earth of OblivionEarth of Oblivion: Elemental Drabbles Volume 3 by Fantasia Divinity;

My Stories:
♦ Nature’s Way (Sci-fi),
♦ Last Rites (horror)
Genre: Theme is EARTH. Genres are Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy & Romance
Formats: Kindle,
Release date: TBA
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