Sunday Update

From the depths

I have returned! My cultists finally got the right ritual to sustain me in the mortal realm (it involves a good offering of spiced rum). Despite being pulled back to the dimension of chronic pain and illness repeatedly, the stars are finally aligned for me to stay. Which is great as I have so much going on.

Secret Project – I’ve been writing and wrangling 10 other authors for a very fun and spooky project. Everyone has been exceptional and it is really coming on. All is not as it seems in the witch-haunted town of Willowdale….

Camp NaNoWriMo – I am trying to write a novel! It is actually a prequel to a book I started years ago. Queer Lovecraftian dark comedy horror. Hopefully I’ll manifest a first draft from this. Just need to hit the keyboard more.

Letterboxd – I finally finished logging every single horror film I have ever watched on Letterboxd. Over 700 and still watching more. If you are interested in my lists, log or reviews then please find me here –

Reading – I got my sticky little tentacles on some wonderful books recently. Finding time to read is an issue but these books look very worth it. I already started Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt and Spiffing by Tim Mendees.

Unless I have a review to post or a book/story coming out then I will update again next Sunday. It is good to be back again. Take care out there.


The stars are right

and I have risen. For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, you are probably unaware that I have been unwell since September. However, I am now recovering and although not back to my usual productive self, I am getting there.  My workload is much reduced with a huge project having wrapped up (more on that tomorrow). I’m now working on 3 secret projects and the itch of an idea. Clive Barker’s influence is crawling around in the back of my head like some lustful maggot, whispering ideas of the corrupted flesh.

Sunday Update

Seeing the joy

This week I resolved that as of July I am going to write every day. I’ve set a lower limit of 100 words as that is drabble length, or achievable when editing a larger work. So far it is going really well. Which is great as this week has been pretty hectic. I’ve ordered myself a grid journal so I can colour in the squares to track my progress. Yes, I am one of those people who loves stationery and notebooks.

 I’ve had a few more acceptances this week as well. I have four stories coming up in Drabbles of Dread, which should be out on the 15th July. Also, I hit the 50 accepted submissions mark this week. I’ve been writing now since last April, so that’s a year and 3 months. I am really proud of myself, specially in light of the many obstacles I’ve faced in the last year.

May this next week be everything you want it to be. Take care of yourselves.  

Sunday Update, Updates

Still alive

Quite a few things have happened since I last updated.

The Coronavirus has had us in lock down for a few months now. Things are getting freer slowly, but I did go a little stir crazy. I also managed to hurt a muscle in my arm so I was unable to write or hold things for 3 weeks. I am extremely grateful for the support I’ve received and am feeling much better.

On the writing front I have 2 secret projects that I am busy with. I have had four drabbles about the horsemen of the apocalypse accepted and also one cosmic horror short story. Details of those will go up on my front page shortly.

Other than that, I am enjoying 2 very different horror games; Dead by Daylight and The Sinking City. I should probably review them and some more of the horror films I have been watching too.

Lastly, I may not know you but I hope that you are doing well and can access any help you need in these hard times. Until next time, take care.

Film review

Aterrados (Terrified) 2018 Review

I watch a lot of films, so thought that it would be a good idea to review them as well. Today’s offering is Aterrados, an Argentinian paranormal horror. It is written and directed by Demián Rugna.

!Spoiler warning!

Plot Summary: Three houses in a neighbourhood suffer from different, but equality horrifying, paranormal activity. Walter is convinced someone else is living in his apartment due to noise and furniture moving. Unfortunately, he is correct, though living is stretching it. Juan loses his wife to a gory supernatural event. And Alicia’s son is back home after being buried only the week before.

Funes, a detective who has seen the paranormal before is drawn into this. He is only a week away from retirement and has a health issue. He is shortly joined by 3 paranormal investigators. They get permission, kick out the residents and set up in the haunted houses.

From there things get worse. There are several incidents with strange, nearly human, naked gaunt monster creatures. The only explanation is that there is another dimension that intersects our own. The creatures there are drawn by blood and like to mess with people. So kinda like demons. Religion is firmly left out of the film though which is an interesting change.

There is no real resolution to the plot, as the investigators are pretty sure nothing can be done. Hence why they are studying it. So you are left with the nihilistic dread that the invisible link between the worlds is growing.

My review: I liked how the supernatural elements were portrayed. From the traditional haunting to the creature design. The idea of this happening to a single neighbourhood, with the hint that it had happened before in the USA, was interesting. Reminded me of a more serious Sunnydale, sitting over the Hellmouth.

However, the plot is a bit disconnected and the characters are a bit meh. Besides Funes, I didn’t care about any of them, not a bit. And Funes I expected to die because he was a cop with health issues close to retirement. So, I didn’t really feel any connection to any of the characters and that made the fear a lot less.

Overall I liked the film but felt there were things that could be done better.

Published, Sunday Update, Updates

Slowly but surely

I’m still somewhat unwell but I am finally getting back into my writing. I have received 2 new acceptances in the last week and that really bolstered my spirits. I’m inspired to write again and that is a great feeling.

Plus I finally got my website to space everything correctly. Formatting is a small thing but when it is wrong it drives me nuts.

I hope you are all doing well. Take care of yourselves 🙂


All change

No real update this week due to Covid-19.
We’re safe, but working the day job from home and isolating for the next 12 weeks as my partner is vulnerable due to diabetes. Isolation is also a bit of an issue for me as I had a serious illness a while ago that forced me to be housebound for nearly a year. My mental health suffered a lot during that time due to both losing my independence and all the sickness/pain. So, as you can imagine, it is all a bit triggering right now and I just can’t write.
I’ll do a proper update when things have settled a bit, so hopefully at some point this coming week. Thank you for understanding and stay safe.
Sunday Update, Updates

Author week

I had been using this week off of my day job to see if I could author full time. The good news is that I think, yes, I could. However, that is because I learnt a few hard lessons this week.

1: I was actually pretty burnt out from my day job and full time working as an author was just not possible. So, I didn’t get as much done as I hoped, but I did get the rest I needed.

2: I seriously need a better schedule rather than just the deadlines of when submissions are due.

3: 10:20am is a strange and evil time. That is exactly when distraction and procrastination would kick in. Which would be fine if it lasted 20 mins and I just took a break. But no, it often went on till after lunch. This doesn’t happen in my day job and I still have no idea how to sort it out.

All in all it was a goods learning experience.

Sunday Update

Living the author life

I’ve been so busy this week with my day job because as of tomorrow, I have a week off. This week I plan to live the full-time author life. I want to know if I can actually do it. I need to see how much I can write, if I can prioritise my time and if I can beat my procrastination into submission. Hopefully a whole week of writing will really add to my story bank. Plus, it will give me time to learn about the business side of things too.

So, I should be updating more this week with how it goes.