Sunday Update

Living the author life

I’ve been so busy this week with my day job because as of tomorrow, I have a week off. This week I plan to live the full-time author life. I want to know if I can actually do it. I need to see how much I can write, if I can prioritise my time and if I can beat my procrastination into submission. Hopefully a whole week of writing will really add to my story bank. Plus, it will give me time to learn about the business side of things too.

So, I should be updating more this week with how it goes.

Sunday Update

Bye bye January blues

This week I got a rejection. I am not too surprised as the story was a bit strange for the brief but rejection always knocks me a bit. On the bright side however, I now have a completed story. Which is an achievement at the moment as January has completely kicked my butt. But February is Women in Horror Month so I am hoping my fortunes change.

I did however, finally get on Twitter. I am just following interesting people and blogging about the short stories I read on my lunch breaks atm. I need to do a bit more research on the whole hashtag and etiquette thing as I have no idea how twitter works 😛 .

I did get to binge October Faction on Netflix though. I loved it. From the monsters to the diversity & representation to the amazing twists, it was all really enjoyable.