Reading, Sunday Update, Updates

Good news

The poem I submitted last week has been accepted and will be featured in an anthology coming out in a month or so. I will put more details up when the publisher has finalised everything. It should also have a free ebook copy, so you can read my work too.

This week has been so busy. I completed two longer short story submissions. Admittedly one of those stories still needs final polishing and submitting tomorrow but I still count it as an achievement. I should hear about the first short story in a few days.

I’ve also been reading more this week. Mainly Thomas Ligotti on my lunch breaks (reviews on Twitter) and marketing/business manuals by the Creative Penn. I’ve started to plan out what books I want to write and release over the next few years. I’m quite excited by all the possibilities.

Sunday Update

Love is in the air

This week I have been working on romance stories. It counts as a romance as long as someone is in love, right? Or something?

Ok, correction; this week I have been working on stories about demons enamored with mortals. And no, not big red horny demons or even kinky tentacle demons. More, emotional energy sucking parasite creatures that crawl into your soul with promises and corrupt you from the inside so they can feed. It’s romance from the demons p.o.v. at least.

Unfortunately, I haven’t actually had much time to write this week due to illness and an unexpected hospital visit. But I am ok now mostly. I can’t believe that January is nearly over already. Got to try and make this last week count.

I’ve also started reading Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe by Thomas Ligotti. Review up next weekend.