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Aterrados (Terrified) 2018 Review

I watch a lot of films, so thought that it would be a good idea to review them as well. Today’s offering is Aterrados, an Argentinian paranormal horror. It is written and directed by Demián Rugna.

!Spoiler warning!

Plot Summary: Three houses in a neighbourhood suffer from different, but equality horrifying, paranormal activity. Walter is convinced someone else is living in his apartment due to noise and furniture moving. Unfortunately, he is correct, though living is stretching it. Juan loses his wife to a gory supernatural event. And Alicia’s son is back home after being buried only the week before.

Funes, a detective who has seen the paranormal before is drawn into this. He is only a week away from retirement and has a health issue. He is shortly joined by 3 paranormal investigators. They get permission, kick out the residents and set up in the haunted houses.

From there things get worse. There are several incidents with strange, nearly human, naked gaunt monster creatures. The only explanation is that there is another dimension that intersects our own. The creatures there are drawn by blood and like to mess with people. So kinda like demons. Religion is firmly left out of the film though which is an interesting change.

There is no real resolution to the plot, as the investigators are pretty sure nothing can be done. Hence why they are studying it. So you are left with the nihilistic dread that the invisible link between the worlds is growing.

My review: I liked how the supernatural elements were portrayed. From the traditional haunting to the creature design. The idea of this happening to a single neighbourhood, with the hint that it had happened before in the USA, was interesting. Reminded me of a more serious Sunnydale, sitting over the Hellmouth.

However, the plot is a bit disconnected and the characters are a bit meh. Besides Funes, I didn’t care about any of them, not a bit. And Funes I expected to die because he was a cop with health issues close to retirement. So, I didn’t really feel any connection to any of the characters and that made the fear a lot less.

Overall I liked the film but felt there were things that could be done better.