The stars are right

and I have risen. For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, you are probably unaware that I have been unwell since September. However, I am now recovering and although not back to my usual productive self, I am getting there.  My workload is much reduced with a huge project having wrapped up (more on that tomorrow). I’m now working on 3 secret projects and the itch of an idea. Clive Barker’s influence is crawling around in the back of my head like some lustful maggot, whispering ideas of the corrupted flesh.

Sunday Update

Seeing the joy

This week I resolved that as of July I am going to write every day. I’ve set a lower limit of 100 words as that is drabble length, or achievable when editing a larger work. So far it is going really well. Which is great as this week has been pretty hectic. I’ve ordered myself a grid journal so I can colour in the squares to track my progress. Yes, I am one of those people who loves stationery and notebooks.

 I’ve had a few more acceptances this week as well. I have four stories coming up in Drabbles of Dread, which should be out on the 15th July. Also, I hit the 50 accepted submissions mark this week. I’ve been writing now since last April, so that’s a year and 3 months. I am really proud of myself, specially in light of the many obstacles I’ve faced in the last year.

May this next week be everything you want it to be. Take care of yourselves.