Anthologies 2020

Tick TockTick Tock: Five Hundred Fiction book 1

An intriguing collection of time travel tales, each explored in 500 words.
y Stories:
♦ Time and Again
♦ Killing Time
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A collection of enchanting stories about witchcraft and dark magic.
y Stories:
♦ Be careful what you wish for
♦ Life lessons 
♦ Breaking the cycle
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Waters 2Waters of Destruction: Elemental Drabbles 2 

Creative waters run deep in these micro tales crossing 4 genres; Sci-fi, Horror, Romance & Fantasy.
My Stories:

♦ Praying for rain (Sci-fi),
♦ What we leave behind (horror)
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AncientsAncients: Dark Drabbles 10

A collection of 100 word stories exploring ancient gods and cultures.
My Stories:

♦ Prayer to the black dragon
♦ Righting Babylon
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dread-1Drabbles of Dread

A collection of 100 word horror stories. Tiny nightmares to keep you awake and reading.
My Stories:

♦ Mummy’s little monster
♦ You were probably dreaming
♦ The Sacrifice
♦ Parasite
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Fatal Faeries 460Fatal Faeries

A collection of 100 word stories exploring the dark fates of those that mess with the Fae.
My Stories:
♦ Nixie
♦ Leading the lamb
♦ Owd Goggie
♦ Fairy Ring
♦ Brownies.
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Winds 2Winds of Despair: Elemental Drabbles 1

Follow the wind as our authors take you away to other worlds, different aspects of our own, or even into the swirling winds of nightmares and horror!
My Stories:
♦ Genocide (Sci-fi),
♦ Scarlett Storm (horror)
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Forgotten ones 2Forgotten Ones: Tales of Myth and Legend

Within these pages, the old gods have awoken and with them, chaos will reign again.
My Stories:

♦ Azathoth
♦ Chosen
♦ Black goat of the woods
♦ Ia Ia Cthulhu Fatgn!
♦ Love me love my cat.
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Deathly Sorrow 460Deathly Sorrow

A collection of dark poetry ranging from the mysterious to the horrific.
My Poem:

Killing Season
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Hate 2Hate: Dark Drabbles 8

A collection of 100 word stories about the horrors of hate and revenge.
My Story:
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Love 2Love: Dark Drabbles 7

A collection of 100 stories about the darker side of love.
My Stories:

♦ The first time
♦ All for you
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Darkness Reclaimed 460Darkness Reclaimed

Darkness Reclaimed is a collection of ten wonderfully dark stories spanning the best of the horror genre.
My Story:
Feed your demon

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