Reading, Sunday Update, Updates

Good news

The poem I submitted last week has been accepted and will be featured in an anthology coming out in a month or so. I will put more details up when the publisher has finalised everything. It should also have a free ebook copy, so you can read my work too.

This week has been so busy. I completed two longer short story submissions. Admittedly one of those stories still needs final polishing and submitting tomorrow but I still count it as an achievement. I should hear about the first short story in a few days.

I’ve also been reading more this week. Mainly Thomas Ligotti on my lunch breaks (reviews on Twitter) and marketing/business manuals by the Creative Penn. I’ve started to plan out what books I want to write and release over the next few years. I’m quite excited by all the possibilities.

Reading, Sunday Update

Reading, not writing

This week I have been doing far more reading than writing.

I finished Wounds: Six stories from the boarder of Hell by Nathan Ballingrud. This book is amazing. It has such a good use of language. Much like Lovecraft, Ballingrud manages to paint a horrific picture whilst also withholding enough details to let your imagination run wild. I could not put the book down because I wanted to know more. It was just so engaging.

The six short stories are not connected expect in that they are set on an earth in which hell is seeping through. Some have little hellish influence, such as Wounds, whilst in others you can sail all the way to Hell itself. The way in which the author describes Hell and its denizens is familiar and yet unique. And angels, well, that was brilliant.

To be honest, I loved everything about this book. Ballingrud writes how I wish I could write. I only wish there was more of his stuff to read. Wounds can be found HERE on Amazon. Oh and if you have seen the film adaptation on Netflix of Wounds, I can tell you that his other stories are less creeping dread and more actual Hell on earth.