Stories published 2019

I started writing in April 2019. These are the books that I got published in during that year.

Apocalypse 2Apocalypse: Dark Drabbles 6

A collection of 100 word stories about the apocalypse and what happens next.
My Stories:

♦ The Collector
♦ And then there were none
♦ Look on the bright side
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Beyond 2Beyond: Dark Drabbles 4

A collection of 100 word stories about what lies beyond the veil of death.
My Stories:
♦ One Last Time
♦ Forever and Ever
♦ Poltergeist
♦ The Curse
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Monsters 2Monsters: Dark Drabbles 3

A collection of 100 word stories about monsters and the horrors lurking in the dark.
My Stories:

♦ A Prayer
♦ Fae
♦ Revenge
♦ The Siren
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Angels 2Angels: Dark Drabbles 2

A collection of 100 word stories about angels, both heavenly and fallen.
My Stories:
♦ Salvation Awaits
♦ Brotherly Love
♦ Falling
♦ The Silence
♦ The Gateway
Purchase here: UK, AU, USA


Sirens Call 46Sirens Call (Issue 46): Summer Nightmares

Issue 46 of The Sirens Call eZine features 105 pieces of dark fiction and horror prose from seventy two different authors and poets.
My Stories:
♦ Of things forgotten
♦ Suspicious minds

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Sirens call 45Sirens Call (Issue 45): Distant Screams

The Siren’s Call magazine is full of dark and horrifying tales. Issue 45 contains 80 such tales , interviews and illustrations.
My Story:

♦ Feed your Demon

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