Sunday Update

From the depths

I have returned! My cultists finally got the right ritual to sustain me in the mortal realm (it involves a good offering of spiced rum). Despite being pulled back to the dimension of chronic pain and illness repeatedly, the stars are finally aligned for me to stay. Which is great as I have so much going on.

Secret Project – I’ve been writing and wrangling 10 other authors for a very fun and spooky project. Everyone has been exceptional and it is really coming on. All is not as it seems in the witch-haunted town of Willowdale….

Camp NaNoWriMo – I am trying to write a novel! It is actually a prequel to a book I started years ago. Queer Lovecraftian dark comedy horror. Hopefully I’ll manifest a first draft from this. Just need to hit the keyboard more.

Letterboxd – I finally finished logging every single horror film I have ever watched on Letterboxd. Over 700 and still watching more. If you are interested in my lists, log or reviews then please find me here –

Reading – I got my sticky little tentacles on some wonderful books recently. Finding time to read is an issue but these books look very worth it. I already started Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt and Spiffing by Tim Mendees.

Unless I have a review to post or a book/story coming out then I will update again next Sunday. It is good to be back again. Take care out there.

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